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Lusignan Security Agency Inc
100 Front Street
Worcester, MA 01608

Other Information

Entity Status: Active
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit Corporation
Entity Creation Date: Nov 29, 1983
Days in Business: 12380 days

Company Description

Lusignan Security Agency Inc is located in Worcester, Massachusetts and is listed as an active Domestic Profit Corporation. Lusignan Security Agency Inc was started on Nov 29, 1983 which was 12380 days ago.


William Lusignan: President
William Lusignan: Treasurer
William Lusignan: Secretary
William Lusignan: Director

Registered Agent

William F. Lusignan
68 Pleasant St.
Leicester, MA 01524

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  • On February 5th, 2015, I arrived at Union Station in Worcester at 8:30PM to board a Greyhound Bus from Dock#3 to Albany/Springfield. After waiting there until 8:45PM and another 5 minutes in temperatures that were below zero, I felt the need to go into the station since my hands and feet were becoming painfully cold. The Peter Pan Trailways/Greyhound terminal in Union Station closes everyday at 7:45PM, so going into that section of the station wasn't an option. Upon entering the front/main area of Union Station I asked a security guard when the next bus leaving for Albany/Sprinfield would arrive since it was obviously delayed and it was dangerous to one's health to wait outside in the extreme cold Worcester was experiencing that night; just to be met with the response: "It's not my job to know the bus schedule" along with a shoulder shrug. Mind you, I had two large suitcases and a carry-on bag with me and the skin on my hands was bright red, waxy, and extremely painful. I then walked up to the little security office Lusignan runs in the station, at that point livid and uttering expletives, and asked someone there when the bus I was waiting for might possibly arrive just to be told it wasn't their job to tell me and that I needed to leave the station due to my choice of words. I then turned around with my bags and headed back to the main entrance hoping my bus had finally arrived and asked other security guards when my bus might arrive and was met with the same callous response: "It's not my job to know." Even if it isn't in your job description to know or tell someone when a bus is going to arrive, wouldn't it be common courtesy for someone working in that station to, at least, tell you what their guess at when a bus that is supposed to be arriving in the station might get there? I ended up missing my bus that night in extremely cold weather. Had I not had friends to stay with in Worcester that night, I don't know what I would have done. I live in Worcester, Massachusetts part of the year and when I'm there I commute into Boston at least two times from Union Station. I have noticed the hordes of homeless people camped out in that station, and when you use the facility's restrooms; you find hypodermic needles in the stalls. If it's not the job of any Lusignan employee to tell me when a bus may or may not arrive or even give me a guestimate, then what are they doing at the station? What is their purpose for being there? Does your job description entail just standing around in a uniform shrugging your shoulders with an bad attitude and nothing else? No one's job should involve just standing around and doing nothing and just collecting a paycheck afterwards. My experience with Lusignan employees is that they are callous, attitudinal, and just plain lazy.


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