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Wellesley Farms Llc
73 Pelham Island Rd.
Wayland, MA 01778

Other Information

Entity Status: Active
Type of Entity: Domestic Limited Liability Company (llc)
Entity Creation Date: Mar 19, 2008
Days in Business: 4020 days

Company Description

Wellesley Farms Llc is located in Wayland, Massachusetts and is listed as an active Domestic Limited Liability Company (llc). Wellesley Farms Llc was started on Mar 19, 2008 which was 4020 days ago.

Registered Agent

Christopher D'antonio
82 Rathbun Rd.
Natick, MA 01760

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  • I buy wellsley farm product all the time they are fresh and best quality at time of consumption, I love this product specially organic and all other products Dr. Vasoya Pravin

    • I bought a 24 oz. bag of the North Atlantic Sea Scallops. I opened the bag; ate a portion of the scallops; resealed the bag and returned it to my freezer. When I went back to the freezer to retrieve my scallops for further consumption, the bag had opened. As a result, the remaining scallops allowed moisture to enter the bag and the scallops became freezer burned. I am disappointed because the seal could not be resealed after several tries. Apparently, the seal is inadequate and the manufacturer of the bag should be held accountable. Unfortunately, most consumers will not write to you about this issue, they just won't buy scallops from Wellsley again. It is a shame because he product is excellent

      • 11-28-16 I received a gift pkg. of Wellsey Farm "Supreme Hot Chocolate" mix in 3 tin canisters. There are 3 different flavors of hot chocolate, but there are no directions on how to prepare this product. Use hot water? Use warm milk? I don't want to waste any of the chocolate mix by experimenting with it, so please just tell me the way you recommend your product to be prepared. Thanks. K. Wells.

        • My recently purchased 100 k-cup box of organic coffee had a half opened k-cup with red painted on one half of the opened top seal. Love your coffee, hate the mess it made when I opened the box. Tried to find an email address to send pictures, but no such item could be found. Certified roaster #40553 best by 07/18/2018.

          • I shop BJs Wholesale store in Elsmere, Delaware. I have a complaint and would like to hear back from your company . The last 3 times I have shopped I have purchased the three (3) lb packs of bacon produced by Wellesley Farms. Total of now 9 lbs. Each pack has been terrible and all fat!! What has happened to this product? I will no longer purchase it and feel now I have been ripped off on these last 3 sales. Please advise what you could do about this or at least look into this issue. Thank You ! contact:

            • we bought peanut pretzels from BJ -where's the peanut butter?-just write pretzels and not filled with peanut butter because they are not contact at

              • I purchased an ice cream cake for my grandsons birthday at BJ. There was hardly any ice cream in the cake. I will never buy any ice creame cake with this brand name. Everyone was very disappointed.

                • Though my family loves their products my concern has been for a mislabeling. Their Non-Dairy Creamer is not, I repeat, NOT non-dairy. It actually contains milk and for people with severe allergies it's a little late and misleading if you took the label for what its worth. I will not be making the same mistake twice. this label must be changed. In essence, the label is false advertising.


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