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Better Business Bureau Of Western Mass Inc
293 Bridge Street
Springfield, MA 01103

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Entity Status: Active
Type of Entity: Nonprofit Corporation
Entity Creation Date: Dec 08, 1941
Days in Business: 28048 days

Company Description

Better Business Bureau Of Western Mass Inc is located in Springfield, Massachusetts and is listed as an active Nonprofit Corporation. Better Business Bureau Of Western Mass Inc was started on Dec 08, 1941 which was 28048 days ago.


Martin Kelly: President
Barbara Bowler: Treasurer
Martin Kelly: Clerk

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  • Me & my husband keep getting a call from 413-252-2505.Stating that they are from the Federal Government of the IRS.Claiming that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against us.And that they also have a warrant for our arrest from the local sherriffs dept..

    • My neighbor had his hot water heater fail and it flooded his basement. We live in a townhouse and some of the water came over to my basement. It was a Friday evening that it was discovered. I used my shop wet/dry vac to suck up the standing water that was in my basement. It took my a few hours to do this. I also put down some kitty litter where the water was coming into my unit. I called my insurance company, he showed up late Monday afternoon. While he was there the Paul Davis company called me and I told him what was going on. Two guys that had been next door earlier were headed down Rt. 91 and he called them to turn around and return to my condo. They arrived, it was late in the afternoon. They proceeded to put fans and a dehumidifier in my basement. They showed up again late Tuesday afternoon to check things out, then they left. They came back on Wed. late in the day and I noticed them fooling with the back of the dehumidifier, I wondered why ? Was it not working correctly ? They removed the fans and such Thursday at 1:30 in the afternoon. They proceeded to hand me a paper to sign and I refused because I was not happy with the wetness that was still the same when they came. I personally do not think that the dehumidifier was working. I musty smell was over the top way worse than it ever was for a basement. Some of my drywall that seperates our basements is damaged, it is wet down on the bottom. My neighbor had his wet dry wall removed about three feet up the wall and I get nothing done to mine. I complained to my insurance company and he called the Paul Davis company who had the mitigation manager Joshua Pierce who called me and made an appointment to come and see what was going on. He came on Friday May, 25, said he could not see anything wrong, proceeded to use his wet meter and said it was fine. Why is my neighbors basement dry and mine is wet, his dry was removed mine had nothing done to it. To add insult to injury the two guys used my new shop vacuum to vacuum up some insulation off the floor that had fallen and did not ask my permission and they did not use the filter so it is ruined. Joshua Pierce said the shop vac will be replayed, we shall see. I am a 78 year old woman with COPD, now what. Lawyers are expensive. I want fair treatment and work that should have taken place and not substandard work.

      • I would give Beaulieu & Sons 0 stars but will settle for minus one star. I lodged a complaint about Philip Beaiulieu & Sons several months ago. I do not see it listed here. There were the most unfair, most untrustworthy company I have ever dealt with. They put on a roof in 2012 that leaked several months after they installed it. Five years later, it STILL is leaking. Beaulieu says it is not their fault because it doesn't leak when it rains. They did not replace my skylights, which were 22 years old at the time. They said they were fine. One of them IMPLODED a few months ago and I get a LOT of leaking in that area. It is insane. I wrote in detail how I was mistreated for five years. I also reported them to the Attorney General, but Beaulieu lied their way through that complaint. The AG suggested I contact a lawyer! I would be happy to show anyone my complete file on Beaulieu. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I will do whatever I can to warn others about their dishonest tactics. They WROTE on our contract: "We guarantee this roof against leaks for the LIFE OF THE OWNER." When I mentioned it to Fran Beaulieu, he said "That is not on our office copy." Does that tell you anything. It is written in HIS handwriting. PLEASE

        • Parrotta's Auto Repair is first rate when it comes to expert and technical repairs. Bruno Parrotta and his team have been caring for my three Saab 9000s for the last fifteen years, and now he is fixing my Mercedes Benz 350MLK SUV when it needed new brakes and synthetic oil changes at 6,000 mile intervals. He has the technical skills to diagnose and repair any vehicle, and his team of mechanics is first rate. I trust Bruno to do the right thing every time for my car. They are conveniently located off Route 57 on Main Street in Agawam.


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