Contact Information

E&l Corp
100 Appleton Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

Other Information

Entity Status: Active
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit Corporation
Entity Creation Date: Jun 15, 1993
Days in Business: 8862 days

Company Description

E&l Corp is located in Holyoke, Massachusetts and is listed as an active Domestic Profit Corporation. E&l Corp was started on Jun 15, 1993 which was 8862 days ago.


Louis Moretti: President
Edmund Babski: Treasurer
Louis Moretti: Secretary

Registered Agent

Edmund Babski
100 Appleton St.
Holyoke, MA 01040

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  • I recently bought a 1000 piece puzzle Harmony Series 25" x 18" "Country Retreat" It has two of the same piece so it is missing one piece to complete the puzzle. Please get back to me for a replacement puzzle Thank you Rich Keller

    • I bought a puzzle a few weeks ago called Dragon Legends and it is missing 3 pieces. Please get back to me about a replacement puzzle when convenient. Thanks!

      • I bought a puzzle a few weeks ago called Dragon Legends and it is missing 3 pieces. Please get back to me about a replacement puzzle when convenient. Thanks!

        • Hi, I recently purchased couple boxes of puzzle. One of the box has 4 missing pieces of the puzzle. #659980170120 -" Angelic" A sparkles in lights puzzle. I was wondering how do I get a replacement for it. Anika L.

          • Hi, I bought a 700 piece panoramic puzzle "Tropical Orcas" and there is 1 piece missing. I would love to get a replacement!!! Thank you Nadine Flores

            • I work at a Nursing Home and one of my Residents purchased a new puzzle (The Art of Nicky Boehme) she put it together and there was a few pieces missing. Is there a way she can get a replacement? The puzzle was 1000 pieces it was a 25" X 18". Thank you, Phyllis Krueger

              • I recently purchased a couple of Christmas puzzles. One had a couple of extra pieces in it - no problem. One was missing one piece. #050611-59980-A Sparkles in Lights. How can I get a replacement for this? Jean Stephenson

                • I recently purchased your puzzle Courtyard, Greenwich Workshop by William S. Phillips and after putting it together discovered it was missing a piece in the blue car. The puzzle #052110-59980-A. How do I get a replace for this puzzle? Thank you. Deborah McCarn

                  • Rainforest Butterfly Shaped Puzzle #20013-2 Two pieces missing top right hand corner. Put puzzle togerther to decopage and hand........ Please send new puzzle or let me know how to identify missing pieces. thanks, ladyfox

                    • just purchased and put together Rainforest Butterfly shaped puzzle #20013-2 and there are 4 pieces missing. please send new puzzle. i had planned to frame and hang this puzzle in a room of my house that is decorated with butterfly decorations.

                      • I also have purchased a puzzle from this company Fantasy Glow "The Journey Begins". Please help I want to give this to my Granddaughter for the new babies room. Missing two pieces and also had two extra outside pieces.

                        • We purchased on of your beautiful puzzles for my Mother (a avid puzzler) and found 1 piece was missing. We looked all over the room where she worked it, but feel it was never in the box. The puzzle was on of The Art of Alan Giana, "Corner of Your Life", #30005-2. She like it very much, reminding her of her childhood in Iowa, but the missing piece has spoiled it. Any chance of getting a replacement?

                          • Bought the Fantasy Glow 500 piece puzzle called "For Love", and almost completed it -- except that one piece was missing!! It's a beautiful picture of a dragon, a knight, and a pretty lady holding a white horse. Counting from the lower left hand corner of the puzzle, the missing piece would be in the 8th row up, fifth piece to the right (about in the middle of the knight's belly.) Can I get a replacement piece, or even a replacement puzzle. Pretty sure I bought the puzzle at the Big Lots store in Dudley, MA. Thank you, Dana F Anderson P.S. With the missing piece replaced, would give the puzzle a 5-star rating (the pieces fit together well, and the colors are beautiful.

                            • I recently purchased a brand new 100 piece puzzle (with pieces sealed inside plastic bag). Upon completion of the puzzle, there is one piece missing. After searching high & low where the puzzle was worked, I believe it was missing from the date of manufacture. I would like to either get a replacement puzzle of the missing piece. The puzzle is Alan Giana "Sweet Holiday Dreams" & counting from the bottom left corner of the puzzle, the missing piece is in the 2nd column, 5th row (part of the goose just below its head). The Item number for this puzzle is 300006-7. Please contact me by email to arrange for a replacement.

                              • I recently purchased a brand new 500 piece puzzle with pieces sealed in the bag. Upon completing the puzzle i realized there are 2 pieces missing. I finished it in one afternoon and i know that i didn't loose the pieces. I would like a replacement puzzle as i do really love the picture. Its from your wildlife collection and is named "mallards at dusk" and is item number 20017-1. Please contact me. Thanks

                                • I put together the Rainforest Butterfly puzzle #20013-2, and found I am missing one piece. I planned to paste it and add it to my wall, but can't do it with missing piece. Please advise when I can receive a replacement.

                                  • hey, its bad.. almost finished Cottages "Old Woodland Canal" missing two pieces... had one piece left, it was for another puzzle...can't use that one...I'll trade you that one for the two that I need...straight questions it a deal? I sure want to see this puzzle will be beautiful and I want everyone to know I finished it....I would have given it five stars but two pieces do I go about getting the two missing pieces...please let me know...

                                    • We purchased a 550 piece "Fairy Dance" puzzle. It has a piece missing from it. We cut open the box and began making the puzzle on a 4X4 table. The puzzle never moved nor did the table. Could you replace the puzzle so we can have one that is complete? If you e-mail me I will let you know where to send it. Thank you. The puzzle was very pretty and my granddaughter and I had fun making it, but the missing piece did take away from the pleasure of seeing a completed puzzle.

                                      • Hi. I too have a puzzle I received as a gift with a missing piece in the very center. The puzzle is a 250 piece one named Bird Feeder Bliss. I love the puzzle but agree with many above that to have a missing piece really takes away from the joy of the finished product. Please let me know if you provide replacements and how to get one. Thank you.

                                        • Hi I recently began assembling a jig saw puzzle of a panda i purchased and i have realized that i cannot complete it because it has at least 6 pieces missing what do i do about this?

                                          • I recently bought an 1000 piece puzzle, Carnation Cottage. I found that I was missing a piece, a dark brown four knobbed, with a small pointed edge. Is there any way I could get this piece mailed to me, or at least get a refund. Thank you. My name is Mary Oliveri, and my address is 8490 Lyons Rnchs. Road, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33472. Please reply to my inquery. Thank you. P.S. Loved the scene, and would love to be able to complete the puzzle.

                                            • A couple of weeks ago I bought 1000 piece puzzle from Big Lots box was sealed when I finish my puzzle item #3006-5 Natures Gift which I bought cause its very beautiful Christmas secne When I finished it it has a piece missing so I go back to the store and buy yet another one of the same I sit and sort for the missing piece NO MISSING PIECE IN PUZZLE #2 I spent $10.00 on 2 puzzles and in same piece is missing please send me the missing piece after 2 puzzles missing the same piece I would say a misprint happened THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and Happy Holidays kathyD.

                                              • apparently this company makes it a habit to remove a few puzzle pieces before they are sealed. I have the same thing ,,,one piece gone...we have the butterfly shaped puzzle. not a good way to do business. i will not buy your brand again.

                                                • Recently purchased Alan Giana "Midnight Singers" beautiful Holiday picture, item #300006-6. Spent many family hours putting this 1000 piece puzzle together and am missing 4 pieces. Would love to get missing pieces and hang this puzzle. Any chance you can do this?

                                                  • I think I've got you all beat. I purchased an E & L Corp Americana Collections puzzle only to find out shortly after opening it and spreading out the pieces, the puzzle inside the box turns out to be a completely different puzzle! Perhaps it's time for some random drug testing of their manufacturing & packaging employees and/or hiring new, competent ones.

                                                    • I recently purchased the 100 piece Undersea Glow "Reef Revelers" puzzle and my daughter put it together only to find that it was the wrong puzzle. The puzzle on the box shows a coral reef with lots of color and black/white striped fish, the puzzle we got has dark coral reef and blue fish. The black and white striped fish are the reason for purchasing this puzzle, they match the fish in our fish tank. Please let me know how I can get the right puzzle.

                                                      • We just finished making the 1000 piece puzzle "Cottages" Victorian Cottages in Bloom and found 4 pieces missing. Please contact me about supplying a complete puzzle. Bruce

                                                        • I bought a puzzle a few weeks ago called Dragon Legends and it is missing 3 pieces. Please get back to me about a replacement puzzle when convenient. Thanks!

                                                          • Just like Kathyd, I purchased puzzle item #3006-5 Natures Gift from Big Lots a week before Christmas and it's missing 2 pieces. I keep my puzzle area VERY neat and there is no that I've lost 2 pieces. Can I please get someone to contact me so that I can either get the pieces are the whole puzzle replaced? I buy a puzzle every year that is printed off an Alan Giana painting and soooo disappointed that I cannot complete this one. Thanks!!!

                                                            • I purchased two puzzles that had been manufactured by your company. The first puzzle I did had a piece missing. I threw it away. The second puzzle "The Art of Nicky Boehme", I just completed and there is a piece missing. I am extremely frustrated with both puzzles. I see I am not the only person that has had this problem with your puzzles. Would you please contact me with a solution to fixing the problem.

                                                              • We recently purchase 3Steve Crisp puzzles. One had an extra piece and the other two were missing pieces. Would not recommend these puzzles.

                                                                • I received the 500-piece Rainforest Butterfly as a gift recently. I love this puzzle!! The bad news: 1 piece was missing. I have searched all over for this puzzle, finding it priced from $19.99 to a whopping $52.00 !!! From the above entries, it looks like this is not an unusual occurrence. Please tell me how your company resolves these problems, and in the absence of such customer satisfaction practices, perhaps you will point me in the direction of a more reasonably-priced replacement, and the location for such. Thank you. The rating relates to the beauty and quality of the puzzle - missing piece notwithstanding.

                                                                  • Does anyone know how to get a replacement puzzle from E&L Corp. because it came with a missing piece? The puzzle is Dolphin Encounter. Thank you.

                                                                    • I recently purchase a brand new 100 piece puzzle "through the Looking Mask" an Undersea Glow puzzle for my great nephew. Item #17005-2 UPC # 6 59980 17005 2. A number above the UPC stripe is 061913-59980-A. The puzzle inside the sealed bag, inside the sealed box does not match the 4 pictures on different places of the box. It was supposed to glow in the dark and it does not. Can you help in some way? Thank you. jeanslighthouse

                                                                      • We recently constructed a Nicky Boehme puzzle entitled "Serenity", and there was one piece missing. It is ten rows up from the bottom and five rows in from the left edge. Can you help us? Thanks

                                                                        • I volunteer for a Thrift Shop at my church, 2 of your 250 piece puzzles were donated. Whales Tales has 3 pieces missing,but it and Three Sisters were such fun to do that I would like to know where I can purchase more of this type puzzle(275-300 pc) or order them from you. Of course I would like to finish Whales Tales also!!! I've never seen you puzzles anywhere, and I do alot of puzzles.

                                                                          • Purchased two puzzles. Both have pieces missing. Jungle Air Tours and Africisn Wild Life. Taking back to store and asking for money refunded.

                                                                            • We have been working on a 14x18 500 piece "Lazy Daisy" puzzle for two weekends. Just figured out 3 pieces are missing. Very frustrating!!! Based on this and all the other complaints I will not buy this brand again.

                                                                              • A few days ago I purchased two Nicky Boehme Christmas puzzles, Sleigh Ride and Good Ole Days. I found that each puzzle had 1 piece missing. After reading all the reviews, over 30 of them, I found that each person stating they also had pieces missing in each of their puzzles. I don't understand after getting all these reviews stating the same thing over the last 2+ years that you have fixed the problem. I would like to know how I can get a replacement with ALL the pieces. Please advise as soon as you can. Thank you

                                                                                • Just opened and put together "Cold Feet, Happy Heart", and there are three pieces missing, all in the same area. Please get back to me with instructions on how to get replacements. It is not asking too much to buy a puzle & actually have ALL the piece be in the box. Thank you.

                                                                                  • I recently bought a 1000 piece puzzle "Victorian Cottage in Bloom" 25" x 18" It has a piece missing on the top left side of the outside edge. Please get back to me for a replacement puzzle Thank you Max Snyder.

                                                                                    • I recently purchased 4 of your puzzles [two are going back] I don't like putting together a 1000 piece puzzle to find out pieces are missing the puzzles are "Spring Lake Cottage" & "Victorian Cottage In Bloom". I thought" Made In America" Meant a good product boy I was wrong. Would not recommend your product I will go back to buying my puzzles that are made in CHINA at least I know it will all be there.

                                                                                      • I bought 3 puzzles 2 of which have pieces misses please get back with me


                                                                                          • I recently bought a 1000 piece puzzle: African Wildlife "Jungle Lake". It has a duplicate piece so it is missing one piece to complete the puzzle. Please get back to me regarding this matter. It's really disappointing to put in the time to put something together only to find out in the end that it is incomplete. Thank you.

                                                                                            • I purchased two puzzles recently, the first was missing a piece & I tossed it, the second Jon Ellis "Florida" Item # 30024B-2 was missing three pieces. Your quality control is non existent. These are the last two of your puzzles that I will purchase. S. Brodsky

                                                                                              • Hello, I have recently tried to complete a puzzle titled, "Country Harvest" but sadly I am missing a piece. I however somehow ended up with an duplicate edge piece but that doesn't help my current situation. If there is a way you coulsd help me please let me know. My email is Thanks

                                                                                                • i purchased the puzzle african wildlife and had border and six other pieces missing. Your Q.C dept. needs to contain this. and your operators as well. I donate my puzzles to seniors after i've done them but this is one i will have to trash.

                                                                                                  • I received "Victorian Garden"for a Christmas gift. Five pieces missing and one extra I didn't need. I will still frame it and hang it with missing pieces. The Old Sea Cottage is my next choice. How can I get it?

                                                                                                    • I purchased Alan Giana's 1000 piece puzzle "Sweet Holiday Dreams" #30022B-7. I am missing one piece. Please let me know if you can send me a replacement puzzle. I am planning on gluing this puzzle together so that I can give it as a gift in February. Please advise on what can be done. My email address is

                                                                                                      • I purchased Mischievous Puppies "Business As Usual" & it is missing 1 piece of the puzzle. How can i get the piece mailed to me

                                                                                                        • Your Quality Control department needs assessment. I recently purchased Africa Wildlife "Jungle Lake" and was disappointed to find on completion that two pieces were missing and an extra piece was included which obviously belonged to a different puzzle. Please advise how you plan to take care of your customers?

                                                                                                          • bought the puzzle butterfly dreams and I am missing a piece plus it gave me an extra piece that don't go to the me with how to fix the problem thank you.....

                                                                                                            • I just completed the "Sail Among Your Dreams" 1000 piece puzzle and am missing 3 pieces and have 1 extra piece. Please let me know what can be done as I want to frame this puzzle.

                                                                                                              • Folks, this is NOT the company website. ISHCC is a directory and review site, NOT E & L Corporation. Writing to the company here is like writing to the phone book and expecting the company to see it. If you have an issue with the company, write directly to the company itself, at the address provided in the contact information above. I cannot find a website for the company, itself, so you will probably just have to do it the old-fashioned way, with paper, a stamp, and the post office.

                                                                                                                • Purchased 1,000 piece puzzle African Wildlife - "Family at the Jungle Pool" Item # 30022A-3. It was missing 4 pieces. I loved the color and piece quality but it was frustrating missing the 4 pieces. I end up buying another puzzle African Widlife - "Jungle Lake" Item # 30022A-2. This time I pulled all straight pieces before I started it and it was missing a corner piece. I then actually counted all the pieces and there was 999 pieces. So it appears that is the only piece missing, but it is the corner. This is poor quality control and will be reluctant to purchase another puzzle. I am 14 years old and love to do puzzles. I am afraid to bring it back to the store for fear I would get another with more missing pieces. Any suggestions, Meghan

                                                                                                                  • Since there are 56 previous negative reviews, I decided to present mine. If your firm's quality control section (that is if you have one) claims to be thorough and productive, then I am a Chinese aviator (no reflection on Chinese people intended). Frustration, you bet!!! After spending many hours assembling two (2) of your puzzles, we found that both were lacking several pieces. We wasted our time and gasoline returning to obtain the replacement. We feel strongly that we have been robbed of our money, time and enjoyment. Possibly with all of the negative responses your company will resort to reliable and better business practices. At the moment, many other people are purchasing your worthless merchandise!!! Please respond. Richard N.

                                                                                                                    • I bought "sweet holiday dreams" and there is a piece missing. How do I get a replacement. I am unable to find a phone number to call.

                                                                                                                      • March 27 2015 12:44 pm A rating of 1 star I notice that the puzzle "tree Top Leopard Family" 1000 piece minus 4 pieces is not the onl one that suffers from poor quality control at your facility. This was item # 30022A-1

                                                                                                                        • I have your 1000 piece puzzle "Corner of Your Life" unable to finish, missing pieces after all the work of putting it together, disappointed. Would like a 500 piece puzzle to replace it. Will be waiting to hear from you.

                                                                                                                          • I also have your 1000 piece puzzle COTTAGES "Spring Lake Cottage" purchased from Big Lots. I am upset because when I got to the end of the puzzle I found that I had a piece missing. I don't know who to contact about this situation, but I would like a replacement.

                                                                                                                            • From the reviews here, all of you should feel lucky. I just finished putting together "A Night to Remember" and it is missing 23 pieces. I will surely think twice before purchasing another puzzle from this company. Didn't even want to give it any stars but not an option.

                                                                                                                              • I purchesed 3 picture framed cottages puzzles; "Spring Lake Cottage", "bay's Landing" and "Victorian Cottage". Each puzzle was 250 pieces and brand new-no boxes were bought "opened". But, every puzzle had pieces missing. I would like replacement puzzles. or I will contact the BBB.

                                                                                                                                • To contact the company regarding (missing pieces) in the "Picture framed cottages" series,...their number is (413) 533-7159. Hope it helps

                                                                                                                                  • I have a 1000 piece African wildlife puzzle"family at the jungle pool" and it is missing one piece how do I go about getting either a new puzzle or a new piece . Thx

                                                                                                                                    • i was given a box of 4 500 piece jigsaw puzzles and i'm just getting around to doing them and everyone of them have a piece or 2 missing can u help me and send me another box of then plz and ty

                                                                                                                                      • i was given a box of 4 500 piece jigsaw puzzles and i'm just getting around to doing them and everyone of them have a piece or 2 missing can u help me and send me another box of then Please get back to me for a replacement puzzle Thank you joann charland

                                                                                                                                        • I purchased the 100 piece puzzle called "a night to remember" & that is not the puzzle that was inside. The puzzle inside the box was a gazebo on a beach decorated for Christmas. Please send correct puzzle. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                          • 5 pieces missing on Jon Ellis " Florida" puzzle. Very disappointed!

                                                                                                                                            • recvd as a gift "Sweet Holiday Dreams" - 2 pieces missing. please send a replacement...VERY DISAPPOINTED TO GET ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THE PUZZLE AND CAN'T EVEN FINISH!

                                                                                                                                              • .We recently purchased puzzle set 33001, and were disappointed to find a piece missing from "The Glory of Life" #33001-7. It is only the second one we had worked from this box. I am hoping a replacement piece can be sent. The piece that is missing is the 7th from the bottom right, and 3rd in from the right side. It is a solid blue piece of sky. My husband mainly does the puzzles due to health conditions that keep him in most of the winter : Based on previous reviews, I hope we dont find pieces missing from the final 2. I hope these reviews are actually read by the company and followed up on. I wont go to the trouble of actually writing the company and wasting a stamp. These puzzles are beautiful, but if no company response, I will absolutely never purchace another puzzle from E & L Corp again. If I do hear back, and am satisfied, I will post a 5­čîčreview.

                                                                                                                                                • I just finished my 1000 piece puzzle and it is missing 10 Pieces!!!!!!!IT IS a 25" x 18" Harmony series "Victorian Splendor". I need a replacement puzzle so I can find the missing pieces!!!! Please send me an email and let me know how to go about getting a replacement. Thank you!!!

                                                                                                                                                  • I recently bought the 250 piece Once Upon a Winter puzzle and it is missing a corner piece. It also has 2 duplicate pieces. I would really like a replacement if possible! Thanks

                                                                                                                                                    • I received got a 250 piece once upon a winter puzzle Item #20020-6 as a gift and it is missing an edge piece on the right side of the puzzle. Is it possible to get a replacement or the piece that is missing?


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