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World Bible Publishers, Inc.
636 South Oak
Iowa Falls, IA 50126

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Entity Status: Active
Type of Entity: Foreign Corporation
Entity Creation Date: Jun 11, 1998
Days in Business: 7619 days

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World Bible Publishers, Inc. is located in Iowa Falls, Iowa and is listed as an active Foreign Corporation. World Bible Publishers, Inc. was started on Jun 11, 1998 which was 7619 days ago.


Seaman Knapp: President
Unknown: Treasurer

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  • I need help in getting a free Replacement Bible cover of The Holy bible, Copyright 1989. 220DN. My husbands late uncle gave it to him, and the Cover has falllen off and some how ended up ripped up, I would like to see about getting a new cover for it please and thank you my husband has had this bible ever since his uncle passed over 14 years ago. Brittany

    • I am looking for this Bible that my parents give to my children and I would like to give to my grandchildren but I can't find it in any bible book store anywhere. but it was printed in the USA by World Bible Publishers Iowa Falls,Iowa 50126 no year YC-96-100812

      • How do I reach someone at this company/ Over the past 36 yrs I have had 2 John A Dixon New Analytical study Bibles and need to replace the one I have now. I have looked at about 200 Bibles and can not find one that can replace my Dixon Bible! I am desperate to find this Bible. I am handicaped and a senior citizen on a very limited budget. Can anyone tell me where to find this Bible?

        • I am looking for a Bible that is a KJV and was published by World Bible Publishers, Inc. and my parents bought me one in 1997 and I need another one. The number inside is 333-10-100951. Thanks. H. Baxter

          • I am looking for a replacement of my study Bible 220DN-4-205972 copyright 1989. it has fallen apart and I have taped it and hot glued all that I can. Please HELP!!!

            • This is an excellent bible. I wrote a book and would like permission to use a passage from the bible. The bible the Original African Heritage Study Bible King James Version Jesus Christ and The Poor last paragraph and the last four lines of the next page first paragraph. It's a clean book Gwendolyn Cahill

              • I am Looking for A World Bible KJV Master Art Edition, ISBN-0529-05904-5 1988 version. Black in " Color " with Thumb Index , with Center Column References. I purchase one of these back in 1988. Please let me know if these are available or where I may buy one.

                • I am looking for several copies of the Holy Bible Illustrated Especially for Children of Color 220DN-4-205972 copyright 1989 by World Publishing. I purchased this bible for my niece over 20 years ago and would love to get them for my grands. BobCat

                  • I am looking to purchase: kjv, giant print copyright 1986 GP/KG-4-75912 please supply information, thank you. this is for a friend I personally have no rating of this item.


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