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Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, Llc
2483 Heritage Village, Ste 16-327
Snellville, GA 30078

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Entity Status: Active/noncompliance
Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company
Entity Creation Date: Dec 24, 2011
Days in Business: 2612 days

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Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, Llc is located in Snellville, Georgia and is listed as an active/noncompliance Limited Liability Company. Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, Llc was started on Dec 24, 2011 which was 2612 days ago.

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Fredrics, Bruce Erin
2035 Innsfail Dr
Snellville, GA 30078

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    • Do not hire Mr Fedrics. He has a very condescending attitude towards the client. You will be very disappointed and it waste your time. He overcharges for his service and does not send you any copies of correspondence or new estimates made by the insurance company. He does not even send you a copy of the signed contact with him. He is very unprofessional. He keeps promising and does not deliver. He charges 30%, twice the normal rate for this service. He does not work with the client and does not keep them informed. You will be sorry if you get involved with him. Rating is 0

      • The fact is that Bruce Fredrics is a Certified Expert registered in the Federal and State Courts, being in the Elite category of very few professionals at that advanced level. He has experience with national and international insurance organizations. Nearly all of his customers are very satisfied and he has an excellent reputation with repeat customers and referrals. However, some customers have very small claims, but they beg for his assistance. Such small claims are not even considered worthwhile by most Public Adjusters, because they produce no profit or even create a business loss unless the fee is increased adequately to cover expenses, so it must be higher or the Adjuster can't help those policyholders at all. Bruce Fredrics handles claims from $5k to over $1.5 million, with the small claims being more so only as a favor for people crying for help against the powerful insurance companies. Bruce Fredrics fees are not set, but are a range of prices starting from 5% and increasing depending upon the claim. It's the larger claims that earn a lower fee, because expenses can be afforded sufficiently. The "normal rate" referred to is a smaller percentage fee on LARGE claims (not small claims) where there is enough profit margin to work effectively. Some customers have denied claims that pay nothing, but Bruce Fredrics gets them paid when they are truly covered. Many customers have a low-ball settlement, but Bruce Fredrics gets them thousands of dollars more in deserved recovery, for every covered claim. But, there are customers who argue against paying the Adjuster AFTER services have been rendered out of their personal greed, and those fewer persons resort to scamming tactics and false reports. There are customers that agree to terms as being fair to begin work, but then once the work is done, and success results, those certain customers want to renege on the agreement. When those customers are held to payment of services and realize that they cannot escape the contract terms of which they agreed to as fair, and under Contract, then there are a few who resort to false, misleading, manipulative misrepresentations due to their angry bitterness of having to abide by the contract agreement and follow the rules of law. Long-time journeyman insurance professionals have recommended Bruce Fredrics as among the best in the business, and on a national scale. In short, Bruce Fredrics is very effective, winning a lot of compensation for his customers, but he does not allow bad customers to defraud him out of his fees, does pursue legal recourse to recover those fees owed, and that fact motivates the very few deceiving published resentments. Simply, these folks are just dishonest. Otherwise, when policyholders hire an professional, especially an Expert and at the advanced level, that representative is an agent who has the expertise to direct successful activities. The professional, or even more so the Expert, is the operation's leader, and must control the outcome. The professional or Expert is not a subordinate or an employee, especially to persons lacking adequate competency to handle complex intricacies of claims processes involving contracts, policies, and insurance law. Weak or non-expert Adjusters often do not produce the most favorable results, while Bruce Fredrics is occasionally called upon to correct the ineffectiveness of those sub-standard Adjusters. Submissive or timid attributes are unproductive for the best customer results being a weakness and a detriment, and are not the strength asset needed in the contested claims world.

        • The fact is that Bruce Fredrics's company researched the complaints above, and both complaints are by the same person who has attempted to deceive readers by making it APPEAR that there are 2 separate individual complaints, by different authors, on different dates. Such conduct is dishonest, notwithstanding the baseless malicious intent. This complainer never revealed himself as the true author of the allegations, as if to mask his identity. The fact is that Bruce Fredrics had to terminate that client who authored these allegations due to his irrational conduct. The allegations are false and misleading. The author of these complaints also manufactured allegations to others of which the author had absolutely no knowledge of, and which were entirely fabricated in an effort to attempt not to seek assistance but to instead smear Bruce Fredrics out of the author's own personal anger, which resulted from this erratic and child-like person trying to act as Bruce Fredrics's boss, thereby trying to dominate and control Bruce Fredrics's activities, despite having no competency of advanced claims settlement recovery expertise. These other persons receiving the author's accusations simply dismissed the author's allegations out-of-hand, so the author then — out of bitterness from that dismissal — restored to writing the false and misleading complaints above as a vindictive action only to cause personal injury. The fact is that the author had a relative who is an insurance professional but non-Expert, so the author expected that the advice gained from the relative would supersede Bruce Fredrics's elite Expertise, knowledge, and ability. The author had no proper knowledge himself, but possessed very limited information from a relative who does not work in Bruce Fredrics's profession as a consumer advocate, while such limited information gave the author a false sense of superiority as this author attempted to assert information that he essentially learned "on the spot" from his relative to challenge the advanced expertise acquired and practiced by Bruce Fredrics over nearly 30 years including at the Registered Expert level. The limited information possessed by the author was wrong, and acting upon it could have compromised the very improved settlement recovery that Bruce Fredrics was asked to obtain. Therefore, although the author retained a bona-fide certified national Expert who was providing him proper advice, this author proceeded as if armed with superior knowledge to enable him to choose to adopt a non-Expert relative's advice in contradiction and conflict to not only the Bruce Fredrics’s Expert advice but in contrast to the very purpose of retaining a true Expert. These propositions are a mutually-exclusive absurdity. There is conventional wisdom which warns that, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." The author decided that HE knew best! Bruce Fredrics is a master of his profession, conducting Jury education during live testimony in Federal and State Courts, while he educates and advises Attorneys, State Regulators, Insurance Professionals, and others. This author has never worked in the insurance industry let alone possessing Expert knowledge. The fact is that this complainer-author was the first client-customer to ever be "fired" from Bruce Fredrics's company, and the author was given serious advice to seek mental and psychological counseling, while he was charged no fee for the work completed. Simplistically, this author was observed in everyday terms to behave as an "over-grown child" who displayed the nature of temper tantrums after wanting to be a "big man" as though he was an authority and subject-matter-expert himself, all derived from his very limited knowledge, which lead the author to create an immature "macho"-like contest. Bruce Fredrics has consulted Legal Counsel and is considering Legal Action for Defamation, Libel, and Slander.

          • The following information on Public Adjuster professional fees is published world-wide on Wikipedia as January 25, 2017 at Most public adjusters are paid based on a percentage of the total settlement. For example, one Georgia company states their fee is between 5% and 10% based on the type and amount of the insurance claim. However, lower percentages are used for larger losses. Higher percentages are needed for smaller losses. Smaller insurance claims can have similar costs as larger claims, but because the recovery is less on smaller claims the fee range must be adjusted to compensate the operating costs. Fees of 10% to 12% are ordinary and typical for losses of $100,000 or greater when handled by standard-rated public adjusters. Expert-rated public adjusters get a higher fee than standard-rated adjusters. For example, an expert public adjuster can charge 12% to 15% on a loss that exceeds $100,000. However, experts possess capabilities to obtain the most effective results. Therefore, highly qualified adjusters can be expected to be better skilled at achieving a better increased settlement amount than an adjuster who is not an expert. Adjusters who are experts must be classified and registered as an expert by the judicial system. Most public adjusters are not court-registered experts. Some public adjusters charge a flat percentage or a flat fee set price, while others use a regressive scale. For example, 25% of the first $100,000, 15% between $100,001 and $200,000, and 10% of any amount beyond that. Claims that are less than $50,000 are considered small losses. There are Public Adjusters who will not service smaller claims at all, while other public adjusters charge a normal range of a 30% to 35% fee rate for insurance claims with a settlement value that is less than $50,000. Public adjusters can charge a lower fee on the total settlement value of the claim, or they can charge a higher fee on an improved settlement amount that is beyond the initial settlement originally offered by the insuring organization. For example, for a $100,000 loss, a fee can be 12% on the whole claim value, where the cost risk can be a shared expense but for a lower fee; or alternatively, if the initial settlement was $50,000, then a public adjuster might accept a 25% fee —not on the initial $50,000― but on any additional recovery settlement referred to as "new money", being a partial claim value of an amount which exceeds the initial $50,000, where fees apply exclusively to only the additional amount recovered. However, this additional recovery method means that the public adjuster assumes all of the cost risk, hence the higher fee. There are public adjusters who contract for new money only but charge fees of 40% and 50% to accept that risk, where any improved settlement is essentially split about evenly between the public adjuster and the client. It's important to note that some states cap public adjuster fees at levels such as 10% or 20%, and some consumers opine that normal public adjuster fees are standardized, citing 10% on any claim regardless of its value. This is not accurate and cannot work. Such limitations can cause public adjusters to avoid helping consumers with smaller claims altogether when the services' costs can actually be a financial liability if not providing a fair, reasonable and necessary business earnings margin needed by public adjuster firms in order to operate as with any business. Most states do not cap fees for this reason, while nearly all states welcome public adjuster services for their insuring public. Professional fees must be adequate for public adjusters to cover operating and business costs while still providing sufficient business income returns on those costs. Higher fees on smaller claims or low recovery values are necessary to provide the adequate compensation that a public adjuster needs to accept the costs of providing full services. Regardless of the fee structure, the fee may be offset by an increase in the settlement amount. In many jurisdictions, the fee structure must be disclosed up front. It is important to note that a public adjuster cannot obtain more than the policyholder is legitimately entitled to. However, the indemnity provided for by an insurance policy, or the full potential financial recovery value of an insurance claim, is often not obtainable without professional assistance like that which comes from a very capable public adjuster.

            • By Bruce Fredrics: Regarding the specific accusations above, and copied here, I will clarify the facts per his statement as follows: "Do not hire Mr Fedrics. He has a very condescending attitude towards the client. You will be very disappointed and it waste your time. He overcharges for his service and does not send you any copies of correspondence or new estimates made by the insurance company. He does not even send you a copy of the signed contact with him. He is very unprofessional. He keeps promising and does not deliver. He charges 30%, twice the normal rate for this service. He does not work with the client and does not keep them informed. You will be sorry if you get involved with him. Rating is 0" Clarification: There was no condescending attitude. Instead, the customer wanted me to behave as if I was his lowly, inferior subordinate, subservient to his superiority, taking instructions from him as my boss, and in the face of the fact that this customer had no real knowledge of claims handling, while acting as though he was superior, and challenging my expertise and the very expertise that he retained me to provide. In other words, he was actually pretending that he knew best, because his relative was feeding him non-expert information (that was incorrect and was adverse to success). This complainer is the only person who has ever made such an accusation. Most of my customers are satisfied and happy with my work for them, except for those who try to renegotiate or avoid their obligation to pay my fee that they contracted for after I succeed for them. My services are not overcharged by industry standards of practice, and often times I give discounts. I even gave this complainer a discount, while he agreed to the terms! This complainer received all documents including copies of the contract pages that he signed and additionally the insurance company claims representative's estimate, all of which is documented. His accusation is a lie. The fact is that this complainer LOST his copies of the contract, but asked me for additional copies AFTER I had to fire him and then canceled the contract. I am considered one of the most professional adjusters in the industry by my peers. There was no promising and failing to deliver. This complainer thought he knew best from the wrongful advice being fed to him by his relative, so he relied on the relative instead of the expert that he hired. Experts get greater compensation because they offer much more than non-experts, but the results are better. A 30% fee was not only discounted from full price, but it is lower than other firms charge for the same type of claim. This complainer is unfamiliar with true public adjuster fee pricing, while he is suggesting that my fee should only have been 15%, which is a non-expert fee amount, and while his claim was in another State, hours away, requiring a lot of additional time and travel costs, and further is the fact that his claim was only $10,000! (that's Ten Thousand dollars) First, most public adjusters would never have even considered servicing such a small claim at all, because there is no profit margin unless the fee is increased. Secondly, a 15% fee is for claims that exceed $100,000 (that's One Hundred Thousand dollars) or greater for an expert to handle them; Please see as published world-wide -- -- as outlined above. Otherwise, I not only met with this complainer at his claim location while completing a full inspection, but I met him a second time with the insurance company claims representative at the claim location for the claim's representative's inspection, and I communicated with the complainer by phone and email, all of which is documented. The claims representative also has all of the documentation to show my continual communication without any lapse. This complainer attempted to instruct me how to handle his claim (!), of which he knew almost nothing about, in contradiction to my needs to succeed, as he was relying upon the incorrect and bad advice of his relative. His relative was not a claims professional or expert, but the complainer tried to insist that the relative knew best. So, why then did the complainer even retain my expert services if his relative knew more than a bonafide expert, or so they thought? Otherwise, my rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is A+. I handle claims all over the country and have for years.

              • By Bruce Fredrics: Here is a recent reference from a practicing insurance Attorney who is a specialist in Industry Standards of Practice and Care; March 15, 2017 -- “I am an Attorney specializing in first party insurance litigation in Georgia and Arizona. I have known Bruce Fredrics for 5 years and have hired him as a Consultant on several of my cases where he has been instrumental in achieving good settlements on behalf of my clients. I have also hired Bruce Fredrics as a testifying expert and his testimony has never been impeached or discredited. He has been qualified as an expert in both state and federal court. Mr. Fredrics is very knowledgeable about the insurance industry. I believe him to be of fine character and a good representative for the insurance profession. Sincerely, Sandy Finch, Esq.”

                • By Bruce Fredrics: Here is another recent letter from a practicing Attorney who spent a large part of his career as a Defense Attorney for insurance companies; March 16, 2017; March 16, 2017 -- "To Whom it May Concern: I have been working with Bruce Fredrics in a professional capacity on a frequent basis as of 2016. He is of fine character, is a good representative of the insurance profession and industry, and I recommend him for any professional endeavor. Very truly yours, William Maxwell Compton, MORGAN & MORGAN"

                  • By Bruce Fredrics: Here is another recommendation from a very experienced practicing Attorney: Dan Treon, Plaintiffs' Insurance Bad Faith & Personal Injury Lawyer, “I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Dan,” August 11, 2016; — "Bruce Fredrics is one of the most skilled property adjusters I have had the pleasure of working with over the last twenty years. He knows the law, and he brings to the adjustment process a tremendous level of detail and precision. Bruce’s contribution to a client’s property claim helped us maximize the client’s recovery. - Dan Treon", Treon & Shook PLLC

                    • By Angela R. Brown: Bruce has helped me personally long before I got into the construction business. After successfully helping me, I have relied on his professional services for many of my Clients who are victims of unfair insurance companies. People have no idea of the value of a Public Adjuster. I must say Bruce is highly knowledgeable and truly represents the BEST interest of his Clients. Hands down, Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service is well worth getting indemnified when your insurance company wants to write you a mini check for a major claim! Sometimes the insurance company will try to drag out the process, hoping the property owner will give in, give up, and take the crumbs.. trust Bruce's services. Have a little patience and let the professional do what they best... represent you for fair indemnification!!!

                      • By Bruce Fredrics: This a recent email from a current young family as my customer for professional work just completed by me as a Public Adjuster and Max Compton as assisting Attorney. From: Erik Grosskurth Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 10:24 PM To: Bruce Fredrics6 Cc: Max Compton Subject: Re: Grosskurth Invoice Bruce, Thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate you and Max for your commitment to excellence. You both shall receive exemplary reviews online for your due diligence upon completion of this miserable experience. How do you wish to receive payment? I shall remit payment as per your instruction as soon as the check clears the bank.

                        • By Bruce Fredrics: Here is a 5-Star Review recently provided by a very satisfied customer of mine: By - "Prophetic Vibes - My family and I had to deal with a very difficult case. We brought in the Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service to represent us. A few months later, we prevailed! Thank Bruce. Keep up the good work!"

                          • By Bruce Fredrics: Here is a recent 5-Star Review by another of my clients - Sylvia Person, in Georgia, who was so satisfied with my work on her claim that she referred me to her sister and brother-in-law in another State, who I also got a much better settlement for in South Carolina on their claim: "Professional Adjusting & Consulting helped us in so many way during our insurance claim. Bruce walked us through the process and kept us involved and informed. I recommend this company to the highest."

                            • By Bruce Fredrics: Here is another Attorney review just received today: Bruce, Thanks for all your help, you were excellent! Kindest Regards, Raymond J. (Ray) Hawthorne, Jr. The Cleveland Firm, LLC

                              • From Bruce Fredrics - I received this email today from my customer Gray Henrikson: "Bruce, I just want you to know I think you did an awesome job and your attention to detail and the amount of frustration you endured and documented is priceless to me. You preformed far above the expectation I had for you and I want to thank you again for that."

                                • Jeff77 and Verydissappointed, I would love to talk to you about my horrid experiences. You’re absolutely right, additionally he wil change his status to adjuster stating he can be both adjuster and appraiser, then go back say he can’t. Then he messes your claim up and forces you to hire an attorney (which he said I would not have to do!), and then won’t communicate with you because “you have an attorney now!” And as shown in all of his responses above, spends more time telling how “great” he claims to be than working on your case. Trust us, don’t be fooled by his egotistical arrogance. Contact @

                                  • Scammers will make any false statements to avoid paying their fees owed for successful services that I provided, especially because I sue them to the full extent available of the Justice System. This is another person who is hiding, hence the false accusations. The content of the message of June 5 is consistent with a client of mine who owes me thousands of dollars for my successful services, and is on the run to evade my Collections Attorney and the Courts. - By Bruce Fredrics

                                    • By Bruce Fredrics: This text just came in this evening for a claim that I recently resolved for Shernell and Mohammed Aljuboori in Georgia: "Mr. Fredericks It was great experience working with you, Thanks a lot." Additionally, a Lois Thomas-Landix called me a few days ago to advise me that she thought that I did a great job for her on her claim in Georgia, and she was trying to figure out how to give me a 5-star review on Google. If she can get that review published (she needs to open a Google account if she can learn how), then I will post it too.

                                      • By Mr. Gray Henrikson in Alabama to the Better Business Bureau, 5 stars: GJ H. ★★★★★ 01/09/2018 There is not room here to explain how complicated and frustrating it is to deal with an insurance company after a total loss fire of your personal home. After almost a year after the fire and receiving almost zero communication/help from my insurance company I searched and found Bruce. He performed far beyond my expectations and answered every question I had as well as patiently taking the time to fully educate me about my rights and responsibilities as a policy holder. He immediately took the reigns and in short order was successful in getting the insurance company to fully honor the max coverage allowed by my policy. Let me save you some time.....just call Bruce

                                        • By Bruce Fredrics: There are more complimentary and true reviews that have already been expressed, and they will eventually be posted. Any of the people who are connected to these positive and true reviews can be sought either independently or through me and my company.

                                          • Mr. Fredrics has repeatedly proved to be the BEST resolution for my Clients who have had a peril (covered damaged) in relation to insurance claims. As CEO of a Georgia licensed GC firm, I would like to add that a Client of mine who had a bad water damage claim was given a settlement check by the insurance company adjuster for $5,400, which was insulting! After my Client hired Mr. Fredrics, she was awarded $58,000. The only issue from a home owner's perspective is that sometimes it may take longer than wanted to go through the process when you hire an expert such as Mr. Fredrics. It's well worth the wait to have the claim handled professionally and to have the necessary funds to repair the property. I can't say enough about Mr. Fredrics professionalism and level of experience and knowledge as a Public Adjuster and Appraiser. He is committed to his career and dedicated to helping people be treated FAIRLY when it comes to insurance claim repairs. If anyone has specific questions, feel free to call me directly at 770-489-8006.

                                            • By Bruce Fredrics, regarding the September 10 note above, referring to Lois Thomas-Landix, this is her 5-star Review: ***** Lois T., Marietta, GA 10/5/2018. I was very pleased with PACS who took away my nightmare with my insurance company, who only wanted to repair my roof in the amount of $695.00. I called PACS (Bruce) he came and took care of my nightmare and now I have a NEW ROOF. Thank you Mr. Bruce Fredrics !!!!!!


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