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Brindle Properties Inc.
22699 Hwy 144
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

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Entity Status: Active/compliance
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit Company
Entity Creation Date: Jan 06, 2011
Days in Business: 2751 days

Company Description

Brindle Properties Inc. is located in Richmond Hill, Georgia and is listed as an active/compliance Domestic Profit Company. Brindle Properties Inc. was started on Jan 06, 2011 which was 2751 days ago.


Joe Brindle: Cfo
Joe Brindle: Secretary
Joe Brindle: Ceo

Registered Agent

Brindle, Joe
22699 Hwy. 144
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

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  • I DO NOT RECOMMEND Joe Brindle from Richmond Hill. Please do yourself a favor if you would like to maintain the value of your home, and do not work with him. About a month ago, I purchased a home which was a beautiful foreclosure. It sat empty for 2-4 years depending on who you ask. The bank spent a decent amount of money to do some upgrades in order to sell the home. In July of 2016, the bank hired someone to do most of this work, and that was Joe Brindle from Richmond Hill. I purchased the home just 2 months after the services warranty expired - keep in mind the home was empty therefore no "lived in" damage to the property occurred. As soon as I moved in, I noticed that the paint throughout was peeling - the paint in the garage was latex paint. His painter had painted over oil based paint with latex paint without a primer. Painting 101 would teach you not to do this. (As the bank opted not to put lights in any of the rooms, this was difficult to see during inspections.) Areas that aren't peeling are painted with one crappy coat of paint - you can see through it in many places - you can also see brush strokes throughout. It is the lowest quality paint job I believe I have ever seen. I am even more shocked to see it in a Southbridge home. I asked Joe to consider honoring the warranty (as many others had, thankfully) and look at the property. I was optimistic and thankful that he chose to walk through the property with me (after many texts from me urging him to do so), and these were his comments: - "The paint that was used was expensive." (which does not mean it was the correct type of paint, so it does not apply) - "The bank got what they paid for" (when I asked if he would have accepted this paint job for the contracted price in his home, he said he wouldn't have) - "It was painted for a bank, not for an owner" (low integrity - the bank is an owner and an "owner" would be in the home at some point) - "I can't find the painter I used then." (I responded that the bank hired him under his company, therefore the quality of his work is his responsibility. He agreed.) - "The warranty was out 2 months ago." (I responded that if I had called him 2 months ago he would have had to handle this, and he said yes - again, low integrity. I also reminded him the has been empty and had been shown multiple times, so no one else damaged the property or went in and painted poorly over a quality paint job after him.) - "This house had damage to the roof in Matthew" (not sure why this was relevant but I informed him other businesses honored their warranties, including the roofing company). - "I'm sure you purchased the property as-is from the bank at a good price" (I reminded him my purchase agreement with the bank has nothing to do with he quakirbidbhisbwork and whether he stood behind it") - "I'm not giving you any money" (I didn't ask for money - I asked for him to send a painter to correct his faulty work. I had 2 bids already so I knew what his cost would be without a markup.) He offered to paint a certain number of doors which were peeling but this does not address an entire house of doors and trim which is sub par and which would cost me more to complete than for him。His painter ruined an entire home of paint. I would be better off without the work he has done. I didn't even request he fix the wall paint which can be seen through and even rubbed off by hand in areas which had wallpaper! His attitude was negative, nonchalant, and negligent even after he admitted it was the worst of all paint jobs. If you value your asset - your home - I do not recommend you use this company.


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