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Davis Appraisals, Llc
P.o. Box 983
Ellabell, GA 31308

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Entity Status: Active/compliance
Type of Entity: Domestic Limited Liability Company
Entity Creation Date: Aug 20, 2015
Days in Business: 1211 days

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Davis Appraisals, Llc is located in Ellabell, Georgia and is listed as an active/compliance Domestic Limited Liability Company. Davis Appraisals, Llc was started on Aug 20, 2015 which was 1211 days ago.

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Brad Davis, A.
144 Old Mill Creek Rd
Ellabell, GA 31308

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  • Brad Davis was called on to appraise a property we were in the middle of purchasing (2017). The property is considered unique because of the amount of acreage and pond. The home was brought to the property 17 years before, is 87 years old with significant upgrades. Mr. Davis is not from the area, used comps that were irrelevant, and under valued the property at no less than $20,000. Not only were there comps to support otherwise, but when challenged by both the buyer and the seller, he refused to review the appraisal to see if the other/new comps were more relevant. He included a property that had 22 acres less, as well as property in more distressed and lower land valued areas. He asked to extend the appraisal period for 2 weeks beyond the customary 7 days, and we were charged $700 of which he received $550 ( significantly more than the average appraisal). He left out improvements to the property including the age in installation of the HVAC system that was only installed 9months prior, and listed that there was no gas line to the property, when there clearly was (this is an improvement since it is rare in this area to have natural gas installed) and refused to include 450 square feet of upstairs because it was cooled by a window unit and didn't have a direct connection to the HVAC. Because The room is cooled and heated by other means, it is a viable living space and should have been included in the appraised value. Even the tax appraisal recognized the area. He undervalued the land itself by approx 1000 per acre, and would not reassess even when comps were presented by the real estate agents (from tax records) to support a new valuation. Do not trust this man to appraise any property in Georgia! He does not know the area, has a reputation by realtors as a bad appraiser, who always low balls and is too arrogant to admit he may have been in error, and never changes an appraisal. Our deal is now in jeopardy of falling through solely because of his incompetence and is pending a desk review.


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