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Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters Inc.
189 Country Walk Circle
Brunswick, GA 31525

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Entity Status: Active/compliance
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit Corporation
Entity Creation Date: Nov 15, 2011
Days in Business: 2680 days

Company Description

Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters Inc. is located in Brunswick, Georgia and is listed as an active/compliance Domestic Profit Corporation. Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters Inc. was started on Nov 15, 2011 which was 2680 days ago.

Registered Agent

Moreno, Darling J
189 Country Walk Circle
Brunswick, GA 31525

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  • Ordered 2 lbs of coffee from above vendor received 1 lb and when I informed vendor of shortage was told essentially that I was lying about shortage, even though the packing slip in my order only show the 1 lb and not the 2 lbs ordered....

    • Don't ask the owner any simple questions about pricing or future internet sales. He will rip your head off for no reason! A terrible way to treat an existing customer. Buy your Kona coffee here instead: They will provide respect, great coffee, and reasonable pricing.

      • Amazing company I bought coffee from them several times, never a problem just AMAZING COFFEE !!! I have a question for the guy on the top. When I buy coffee from them I get a packing slip also and it shows what I ordered & what was sent. It sounds to me you only order 1 pound also. These guys only sold on eBay up till last week so if you were ripped off why do they have a perfect record on eBay. eBay must not of thought much of your complaint or your feedback would be seen. I now buy on their website it is batter pricing visit them you will love them and there coffee.

        • I ordered one coffee but they accidentally sent me a pound of Kona. Not only did they correct the mistake but they let me keep the kona as well! I have had nothing but great customer service and honesty from this company and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

          • I have been buying from this company for 2 years and over 9 purchases in the last year or so, I have to tell you they are amazing. I have never had coffee so smooth. I never know coffee could taste so amazing & rich. Truly just the thought of having a cup I can't wait till my alarm clock goes off to get out of bed. ENOUGH SAID !!!!!!

            • I forgot to add their website, if you love coffee you will be hooked for life with just 1 sip. I promise you won't believe your taste buds. There coffee is all gourmet grade and the taste proves everything I say. I will never buy coffee anywhere as long as they are around.

              • I heard about them from a friend that has been buying from them for years nothing but great coffee & great customer service. The owner went & lived in Costa Rica for 6 years to master the art of coffee roasting. I have to say I have bought about 6 times now and everyone of them was an amazing experience. I read the 2 above people that gave them a low rating it sounds to me like they are competitors. Every time I get an order it is stamped " Inspected for accuracy" then signed off on & then a 2nd person looks it over again & stamps it Final Inspection by & a supervisor signs off on it, so I can't see how it could be short. runs an amazing company with very tight control of quality, shipping & not to mention AMAZING COFFEE. I looked at the web site the other guy mentioned from the complaint below that one about asking the owner a question and they only sell Hawaiian coffee. I would have to say after 2 years of doing business with them the question that person asked was most likely something that offended the owner Like Is Your Kona Coffee Real Kona Coffee; they are just the nicest people to do business with. I just reread them both it sounds like they are truly competitors. Like I said if you want amazing coffee just try them once their coffee is nothing short of amazing. Mark Seattle, WA

                • they should be ashamed of themselves for the mediocre coffee and mistreatment of their customers. They sent me burnt beans ignored me when I messaged them about it, then after having eBay contact them they then approved a return but tried to have me ship back almost 2 lbs of coffee beans on a 1st class label.(1 lb is max on 1st class) When I questioned that I was then told that they would charge me a restocking fee and deduct for the coffee I used. What kind of service is this? They are rude the coffee is not good. If you do order from them do it from eBay so you will be protected. If you have a problem with the quality be sure to go use eBay and ask for return as NOT as Described. Otherwise, they will try to deceive you into thinking they don't have to refund your money.

                  • This company is run by SEX OFFENDER named Gary Wayne Rubin. He uses his wife Darling Moreno as front for his business. Why doesn't any of the advertisements have any information about the owners husband? Like his name for example? The positive reviews here are most likely fake and posted by the owner himself or his family members. The company has a perfect record on eBay because the owner sells at a high volume and pays massive amounts of money in eBay fees. You are buying your coffee from a CHILD MOLESTING SEXUAL PREDATOR!


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