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A Krayola Moment Early Care And Education, Inc.
142 W. Noble Avenue
Williston, FL 32696

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Entity Status: Inactive
Type of Entity: Florida Profit Corporation
Entity Creation Date: Nov 09, 2011
Days in Business: 2146 days

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A Krayola Moment Early Care And Education, Inc. is located in Williston, Florida and is listed as an inactive Florida Profit Corporation. A Krayola Moment Early Care And Education, Inc. was started on Nov 09, 2011 which was 2146 days ago.


Zaccheo, Eileen M: P

Registered Agent

Zaccheo, Eileen M
11 N.w. 2nd St.
Williston, FL 32696

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  • This establishment closes ALL OF THE TIME. You will need a daycare for your daycare. What is worse, they will charge you for the full week. So now you are having to pay them plus a babysitter to watch your child while they are closed. During the holidays, they ask all of the parents for a $10.00- $15.00 donation so that they can purchase Christmas gifts. Great! But they do not tell you that your child cannot take the present home and that the gift they purchase will be the property of the establishment. PERMANENTLY!!! Not to mention the fact that I heard a parent complain to the OWNER and she immediately began to discuss with me that the parent did not know what she was talking about, completely unprofessional in my opinion, to the point where I began to wonder how many times she spoke about me to another parent. Then they raise their rates with only a weeks notice telling us that if we refer other "children" to them then we can keep our rates the same? Perhaps if they ran their establishment a little bit better then maybe we wouldn't have to pay the higher rates? They do however teach good manners and discipline but in my opinion the pros do not exceed the cons.


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