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Tri-state Restoration Services Llc
5 River Rd Suite 113
Wilton, CT 06897

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Entity Status: Active
Type of Entity: Domestic Limited Liability Company
Entity Creation Date: Mar 10, 2010
Days in Business: 3271 days

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Tri-state Restoration Services Llc is located in Wilton, Connecticut and is listed as an active Domestic Limited Liability Company. Tri-state Restoration Services Llc was started on Mar 10, 2010 which was 3271 days ago.


Raymond Muccioli: Member
Ken Janz: Member
Pat Dimarino: Member

Registered Agent

Raymond Muccioli

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  • This review is a warning to anyone who happens to be in contact with Ken Janz and Ray Muccioli, the owner and the "principal" of Tri-state Restoration Services LLC. These men are unscrupulous in their business practices and willing to take advantage of people in unfortunate situations. They will take money from you as they did to and give you little or nothing in return. All their work is sub-contracted out to workers that they do not pay, supplies are secured from home improvement suppliers that they do not pay. As of October 2018, there are at least 3 lawsuits against them: one from a homeowner and 2 from supply houses they did not pay. I have discovered variations on the company name: Tri-state Restoration Services, Tri-state Restorations, Tri-state Restoration Services, Tri-State Restoration Services, LLC. They also change their address: 7 Ruby Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 is one, 5 River Rd Suite 113, Wilton, CT, 06897 is another. Ray owns other companies: RPK Construction, The Press Agency LLC. Ken's other companies include: Performance Restorations LLC., and Rock Ridge Construction with an address of 598 Rock Ridge Road Fairfield, CT 06824. In January 2018 the pipes in our home burst during the Bomb Cyclone. We needed to have insurance work done as a result of the extensive damage that resulted from the water. Tri-state Restoration Services because they said they specialized in insurance work. We met with Ray and Ken to do this work and some additional work on the guarantee that everything be completed by the time our children returned to school in August. Ken provided an estimate for the work and a completion date of June 30, 2018. To get that work done in that timeframe they were paid over $40,000. The issues started shortly after Tri-state deposited the money In May 2018. Work on our project was sporadic at best, coming in fits and starts throughout the first couple of months. There was no crew there 5 days a week (as promised), it was more like a random 1-2 days a week. They would be there anything from a day to only a couple of hours. By the end of the summer only 2 rooms (140 sf and 200sf) had been done, almost. Even with the additional renovations we asked for, our project should have been completed in full. The last time work was being done was September 2018. We did not hear anything from Ray or Ken for 5 weeks. During that time, we learned that most, if not all, of the sub-contractors were not being paid with the money we gave Tri-state. One company was dumping the contents of their containers onto homeowners’ lawns. Another was going to put a lien on our home. To stop this we were forced to pay them out of pocket. By contract, we are allowed to dismiss them with “good cause” and have our money returned. We were even willing to pay them for the 2 rooms worth of work they had done. When we sent the dismissal letter, Ray’s response was “talk to my lawyer,” Ken did not even respond. Please do not let them take advantage of you.


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