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  • – By kc59503

    Peachtree Casualty Insurance Company

    The worst company I have ever dealt with. I was in an accident with one of their clients about two months ago, and still they have not returned any of my calls. From every review I have read this is their bread and butter on getting one over on people. This company has no integrity.

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  • – By jgagnon

    Christian Spirit Inc The

    This is a warning message to anyone who may come across this page or video or blog. The Christian Spirit Inc. (also dba the Outcast Eagles and the Open Door Fellowship) is not the Christ-following fellowship that they purport themselves to be. In truth, they are judgmental and filled with hatred towards any opinion that varies in the slightest from their doctrine. The following email messages are an example. I sent an email birthday greeting to my brother, Steve, who is no longer a member of this group, but still clings to their hate-filled doctrine. Below is that birthday greeting, which also mentions an incident in which Steve's soon-to-be ex-wife, Joelle, who is a current and active member of the Outcast Eagles, cursed out my father for dropping off some electrical stock for my brother. These email responses illustrate what this group is truly about: claiming to be Christians but preaching a doctrine of hatred towards any other Christian denomination, not just against the denomination but against individuals. BE WARNED THAT THEIR RESPONSES ARE OBSECENE. Here is my email, dated 2015-05-20: >Happy (early) Birthday, Steve! >It's early because I'm working in Calgary this week and the next two days are going to be crazy busy. Hope you have a good one. >Hey, I heard about Dad's run-in with Joelle. I don't know the circumstances, but I can't imagine anything that Dad would do that could justify the fiery response that Joelle gave him. Kinda disappointed. >However, I'm still praying for reconciliation. God is much bigger than anything Joelle said to Dad, and if He can turn a Saul into a Paul, I know He can change anyone's heart. >love in Christ, >Jim Here is the first response I received, from Joelle, dated 2015-05-21: >My fiery response to ALL YOU GAGNON’S is because you are all drunk with Jezebel’s wine of fornication. She is having her way with all of you and you all keep trying to convert me to your Catholic Doctrines which are straight from the pits of hell. >If you truly gave your life over to Jesus Christ you would depart from such doctrines but the fruits of your life and Pam’s show me that you are still a Catholic in the Laodicean church. You haven’t been converted, you don’t have a love of the truth therefore you are all drunk and don’t know that this “God love’s everyone and everything doctrine” is straight from the pits of hell. God want’s people to depart from their evil ways. You are all just religious and God hates religion because it prevents people from simply going to Jesus and letting Jesus Christ kill them so that they can live. That is what truly being Born Again means. You have to die to self and all your false ways including false religion. >I hate Mystery Babylon (Roman Catholic church heads this up) I will say Fuck You to everyone who tries to bring this doctrine to me and my children. SO Fuck all of you. Leave me and my children alone. I will never convert to your devilish doctrines. >The bible speaks about all kinds of things God hates, False Religion, Mystery Babylon, Jezebel are at the top of his list. Jesus says the way to hell is broad but the way to eternal life is very straight and narrow and only Jesus Christ can lead you there safely. No one else, it’s not religion, going to church or you taking God’s word and applying it yourself (not letting the Holy Ghost apply the word). That amounts to living by the Law and walking in the vanity of your mind and you forsake God’s mercy and it’s deadly. >There were thousands of Jews that God brought out of Egypt (the world) but all but two people made it to the promise land and they had to battle against their enemies to get their portion of the land. Not many of them did this either and God destroyed many of them through swift judgments in the wilderness and didn’t let them enter into the promise land which is only an acting out of you have to depart from all the things they died from to make it to heaven. When those that were allowed to go into the promise land they didn’t kill all their enemies like God told them and they were converted to their enemies false ways and their idols. The prosperity message that is being preached today and the evangelical message of Christians are going to straighten out this country is from hell. You cannot serve two masters. Only when Jesus returns will he set up a perfect government everything else is an antichrist doctrine. You are working against God if you think it’s about cleaning up this country and getting your piece of the pie here. >You father is nothing but a Priest in Mystery Babylon and has converted all of you to this devilish doctrine. If I were all of you I would get on my knees and pray to God for the truth. If you don’t have a love of the truth and let Jesus Christ save you. Get baptized in the Holy Ghost and be delivered from the false religion you will be seduced. And all of you are drunk because you don’t have a love of the truth. >I don’t care what you think of me. I know Satan is using all of you to target me because I have renounced and been delivered from this devilish doctrine and Jezebel is pissed at me and will keep targeting me any way she can. My heart has been changed by Jesus Christ and I do walk with him. So screw you for trying to say I need a new heart. I will stand up for Jesus Christ and HIS Doctrines every chance I get I am very pissed at all of you from trying to convert me to devilish doctrines. >I say run for your life. The word also says “They of your own household will be your worst enemy”  You are all my worst enemies. Stay the fuck away from me and my children. Don’t ever contact me or my children again. Keep your communication to Steve. Leave me out of it. Tell the rest of your siblings and parents to leave us alone. >Joelle Here is the response I received from Steve, dated 2015-05-21: >First of all you don’t know what you are talking about. >I spent hours with you Jim, face to face just you and I, telling you my testimony over the last 30 years concerning Dad and Mom and I know you refused to accept any of it. Then you had the nerve to remind me at Christmas time that we use to be nice people and your “praying” for us. Well there’s no being nice to the antichrist gospel that prevails in the church today. False doctrines and teachings of the orthodox Christian churches, which the Catholic Church has always been the leader of, will like to own your soul and lead you straight down the path to Hell. There’s no being nice to that. And just as dangerous today is the evangelical churches that are now become Laodecia with their watered down prosperity gospel that only wants you to become friends with the World and therefore an enemy of God. I say to it all get away from me and stay away and if some coarse words like Stay the Fuck Away is needed to get people’s attention, then fine with me. >Joelle is 100% right in what she has done and said. She wrote PERFECTLY what needed to be expressed to you and Pam. There are things that God hates and he expects us to hate that too. You don’t know what you’re talking about when you say Joelle isn’t Born-again. She is Born-again and she has been Born-again for 35 years. She has been steadfastly focused on walking with Jesus Christ and Him alone for all the time that she has been Born-again. Just because it doesn’t feel nice or sound nice to you or Pam doesn’t mean it isn’t from God. There is NO WAY any of us are going to cozy up to the evil false Catholic religion or the Friends with the World Laodecean gospel that is everywhere in the evangelical churches today. >Mom and Dad left our house because we were not going to put up anymore with mocking prophecy, denying the truth of God’s Word and trying to push on us a false gospel that God loves everybody, just be a good person and you’re all set. That’s BULLSHIT. I told you already. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of false religion crap that we won’t tolerate from Dad, Mom or anyone.  If I was home when Dad came over the other day it would have been right for me to give him the same medicine he got from Joelle because that false gospel will be given no place. >So if you or Pam or anyone is coming around, by text, phone, email, mail or in person with this insistence that we swallow the Kool-Aide that you guys have been shoving in our faces you will get a good dose of STAY THE FUCK AWAY! Do you get it now! >You should read carefully again what Joelle wrote to you and try to get it. >Steve.

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