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  • – By TheDemonicPriest

    Doll House Designs, Llc

    A crook. I gave her money to repair a window and to have the place fixed. I had to clean up a biohazard wasteland and moved long before the window was fixed. I ask, what did she do with the money I gave her? She postponed the signing of the lease saying I can start moving in, s he showed up after everything had been unloaded and didn't even have a minute to do the walk through. Just showed up to get money and compliment my coworkers pants, what a laugh we had, grandma couger! I have a dozen contradicting texts just trying to get the window fixed. First I left a key, to a lock I had to install, then she said repair guy can't be there if I'm not there. She knew about my twelve hour work days before I moved in, hence why I said repair the window and gave money order to get it in motion. Week after and now I am supposed to leave two keys under mat. One for repair guy and the we one...I don't know who was supposed to get that one, all I know it left me with no keys to my lock I installed and suddenly it is OK for the law to be broken. I left no keys until I moved out.

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  • – By lindapluck

    Spasalon.us Llc

    I LOVE THIS TABLE! I ordered it for my new salon which has a large spa salon. This table is a perfect fit! The color matches perfectly with other dark wood furniture that I have, and the table looks great with my 2 chairs. And the size is great... . Also, the table was extremely easy to put together...took me less than 20 minutes! This is a fantastic table for a fantastic price!

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