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  • – By beware123

    Mcdonough & Olson Consultants Corp.

    BEWARE. This company is a scam. They scam the elderly by having them sign bogus contracts. My uncle who is blind, and had no family representative, was told he was signing paperwork to get into a facility and it was a power of attorney contract. My uncle has family, and we were never contacted. When we found out this was happening, he wouldnt let any family speak or see him until he was incoherent and hours away from his death. He went to his home, took what he wanted before he even passed. His wife Angela Olson, also co-owner of this company, scouts for new potential victims. She looks for weak individuals, especially if their families are out of state, and if they are near death. She is an RN, and offers free BP checks, and tries to build relationships with potential victims, then brings her husband in to finalize these contracts. They also have an LPN, name Laurie LaPointe -- they both work for Fusion healthcare. Lawrence aka Larry, is a respiratory therapist, who works for "The Oaks". BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

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  • – By family01

    Comfy Couch Counseling, Llc

    Lulllynn do not waist your money ! Lynn Haas is a homewrecker and a manipulator! She will sleep with your husband if she thinks she can use him to get money ! She is a very sick person!

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