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  • – By Zerina

    Megatrend, Inc.

    Devon Dobson, Contractor My experience with the contractor, Devon Dobson, has been one horrendous nightmare from the very beginning. He started off friendly enough but his behavior and actions became a nuisance at the least, and threatening in the end. It began with me wanting some work done on my new to me condo, two bathrooms, some painting and some electrical work. He invites me over to his home so that I could see an example of his work. Once at his house, he became very flirtatious, wanting to cook food for me, take me out dancing, etc. Very inappropriate for a professional contractor. After I fended off his advances, trouble really began. There was no signed contract but he said he could do the work for a mutually agreed upon price with a caveat that I write him a good review. Once the work began, I was not pleased. The old tile in the bathrooms had to be taken down, floor and walls. When it came time to replace that with new tiles, the initial work was crooked, poorly spaced and curvaceous about the walls and floor. Tiles that began at the tub would be almost an inch apart at the top, with poor grouting at the top. The excuse given was that because of the tile I was using, it would never come out even. He then said that the walls were old, and/or that the ceiling was old, with both having to be replaced before it could come out the way I desired. The progress to date had been of such a poor quality that I asked him to do it over correctly. I got lots of argument over this request, with him saying that he was proud of his work and would stand by it. He created a recess in the shower where initially, one side was wider than the other. He said that no one would notice once things were placed there. I asked him to straighten that out, which he did to my satisfaction, so now I knew he could perform good work, but he didn’t do this with consistency. After an outlay of $4000.00, he had to go away, so all work stopped for one week. Upon his return, the crew that started out with multiple people, became only him, with a request for more funds before he could continue. I was so disappointed about the quality of his work, and I told him so. He responded with much arguing and histrionics that he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the contractor for me, and then began packing up his tools and taking them out to his truck. Meanwhile, he would then change his mind, start working again, and have to go back out to his truck to get something that he needed. This went on about four times in the afternoon, packing and unpacking his truck. He finally said that he wasn’t making any money on this contract and he only took it to help me out. He then said that he didn’t want to leave the work half finished. He said he could finish but that I had to pay cash, to which I initially agreed. I later realized that I would have no record of things for myself, so I continued to send him checks. The next week, he was like a totally different contractor. The work was up to standards and the arguing ceased. I was now pleased with the progress. The bathrooms looked good, as well as the electrical work and the painting. He just finished the major things on 10-24-14. I was due to give him some more money that evening but could not get out of work early enough to give it to him in cash. I mailed a check from my bank account because I had missed the appointment. I received a text from him saying that I wasn’t a person of my word and long story short, said that I better give him $500.00 in cash by the next day, Saturday, or else, and that I wouldn’t like what he would do to me. I would not recommend this contractor to my enemies, much less my friends. He was much too contentious, argumentative and unreliable. I was totally shocked and appalled by this experience and would advise anyone dealing with him to stay away.

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  • – By tina08

    Bright Futures Early Learning Enrichment Center,llc

    Was the worst experience as a mother and employee. Cornetta's husband was in a classroom with two children, a one year old and an 10 year old and FELL ASLEEP with them under his care! Cornetta herself would leave her classroom unattended for 5 or so minutes come back to my classroom and chat it up. Also the daycare center is completely run down. you can also be sure to find roaches dead and alive almost everyday laying and crawling around/on the toys and play centers. Also, if your thinking about applying for employment from Cornetta DON'T!! Among being very unprofessional I had to contact The U.S. Department of Labor and Wages because she refused to pay me. When contacting them to my surprise they knew exactly who she was. I was informed that this was not the first time that they had been contacted for the same problem. So with that being said I highly urge you to take your children elsewhere for child care.

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