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  • – By mxcorp

    Five-star Property Consultants, Llc

    I didn't want this web page to become my personal blog one why Five Star Property Consultants exists in a place where stars don't actually shine, but Gary and Sam obviously think the courthouse is the Laugh Factory. So be it. We ended up having a mediation just last week, Gary Heiser wore his work clothes and said he had to leave in half an hour, Sam Torraco wore security looking clothes, and also brought a can of soda past a sign saying no food or drinks allowed. Sam LIED to the mediator about 'fixing the place up', we presented pictures and text messages. Now I'm no body language expert, but Gary barely said a word and I think his face turned bright red, Sam leaned away in his chair and couldn't sit still. We proved it was never about us not paying the rent, it's about the landlord being a… umm, landlord? We decided to accept a settlement that involves us living for the remainder of the lease, where he'll reduce the rent and call an exterminator. Sounds fair, then afterwards Gary and Sam were seen laughing and high five-ing each other. After the judge okayed the agreement, Sam tried to buddy with us and say it was nice meeting us. How about an apology? Today Orkin said the first procedure in the bedbug treatment will cost $600 and the person paying for it has to personally sign the form. We doubt Sam will do it, in which case I suppose we'll go back to court. As long as I'm here, his handyman is no bargain either. While fixing the shower he broke something and said he needed a new part, then when we called him later he complained that we were disturbing his lunch. His name is Terry Dykes from Aaccent Home Service, 20 years experience according to his business card. I'm glad I sell subs for a living.

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  • – By LisaAdams

    Spasalon.us Llc

    High quality, solid table for a great price. Perfect for the small space I wanted it in! It is solid wood as described, arrived with no shipping damage or issues, and was SO easy to put together in about 10 minutes tops. Regular table height and works excellent with my cheap pine chairs from ***. Glad I bought it.

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