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  • – By Mikeboss24

    Rjn Construction Company, Llc

    Horrible, the supplies used were substandard, a credit for poor craftsmanship was never repaid, the owner was unprofessional. Paint was left peeling, tub surround was separating 2 weeks after install, cabinet drawers (the simplest job) were repaired using L-brackets and were not repainted to match existing cabinets. There is more, much more, but my review is this: I regret hiring this "company". There is 1 star above only because 0 stars is not an acceptable rating.

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  • – By aceyb

    Della Gunn Insurance Agency

    Della Gunn was a very frugal landlord. She refused to address all of our repair requests. We had requested that the transition plates be put in where the carpet meets the tile in several bedrooms when we initially moved in to one of her properties, but when we moved out a year later those requests upon many others remained unmet. There were nails sticking out that caused two of our three young children to get cut on and caused bleeding but it was not considered worthy of repairing in her eyes.. When Della Gunn did address our repair requests (ie. the garage door being broken), she kept sending out a friend who was unable to do the job correctly. It took three tries coming out to fix it (two of the three times we had to take off to be there for the repair), several unpleasant phone calls and emails to Gunn, and finally the garage door was replaced entirely which we had requested from the very beginning. She promised us when we moved in that the fence would be fixed as it was falling apart, slats were missing, and entire holes were visible. During our entire stay, she never repaired it nor addressed our many requests to do so. Our dog escaped her weak backyard seven times over the course of our stay there. Instead of her fixing the fence, Ryan Barefoot, my husband, had to put in our own money and time to repair her broken fence. She refused to reimburse us for such cost expenditures. Every time we put in a repair address, we did so like we were told upon our moving in to their property on 17th street: to email them and to leave a message on their voice mail. When we complained that they weren't meeting our repair needs, Gunn stated that we were to put these requests in writing and mail them or deliver them to her office. This was never stated in the rental contract, nor was it what had been dictated to us over a year ago. We felt like this was her way of postponing and even ignoring our repair requests. She even mailed out a statement of the repair procedures that simply said "to put any repair requests in writing." How is email not writing? She also threatened in the same letter that if we left a repair request on the company voice mail after business hours, that we would be charged for $25 per phone call. When our water heater at our old place broke, she made us go without water for three days before she allowed us to move in to our new place. We went without a shower for three days because she would not let us move in to our new place or provide us for alternative living situations until we could. Gunn was very rude and very unprofessional. She did everything in her power to take advantage of the situation that she was in control of the house that we were living in. She even chose to refuse our renewal because we were unhappy with her repair services (rather than stepping up and fixing her inadequacies), causing our foster family to uproot when we were willing to tolerate her lack of property management for the sake of our foster children. When we addressed Gunn's inability to manage her properties, Gunn refused to address any of our concerns, meet with us when we requested, and often avoided us entirely: phone calls were never returned, emails were never returned, and Della Gunn even ran in to her office and hid behind locked doors rather than accepting the keys upon our moving out. It has been very clear to us that Della Gunn Property Management cannot in fact manage their properties and families considering this company as possible landlords should be aware of the horrible treatment that they will receive upon the poor decision to do so.

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