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  • – By 53164prl

    1 Decatur Pro Auto Repair, Inc

    it appears this business is using cheap parts. I took my 04 Ford Mustang here to service my check engine light back on March 7, 2015 in which they charge me $180.63 to repair to replace oxygen sensor bank. They also advised of of other items needing repair and gave me a quote. Two days later the light is back on and Bill the Manager advises me to bring it back and they will reset it. I return on March 14th to have them reset the check engine light and also remove and replace power steering pressure and return hose which came to $239.43. Two days later the check engine light is back on and Bill tells me to bring it back. I return on March 21st to have them mount, align and replace x4 tires, remove and replace front crankshaft seal and reset check engine light yet again which came to $673.38. Lord and behold after one day the check engine light is on again so I return on March 26 and Bill advises me that the part they used was "suppose" to be compatible for my car and they will have to order a new part. On March 28th the work done on my power steering is making noise. I simply want me car fix RIGHT.

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  • – By 14444

    Michael Garnett Home Improvement Llc

    To be more specific regarding the above review, he was over his head doing this work: aluminum trim, PVC work, and vinyl siding. All has to be redone. The few beams (structural) passed code. I do not know about other work he does, so cannot comment about it. He was verbally insulting, rude, nasty, and unprofessional, as well. I am obligated to put a star to review; otherwise I would not give him one.

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