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  • – By tcollar

    West Point Realty Development Llc

    I would also recommend not doing business with West Point Realty Development and Jim Paskell. I am also a former tenant. He bought the building I used to live in from the previous landlord in 2013. Ever since then, the quality of the people who rented in the building has dropped. He just let anyone in. Crackheads and junkies. He is a MAJOR slumlord. Again, don't do business with Him or his company.

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  • – By drm1004

    Resort Partners International Llc

    We stayed at the La Quinta in Orlando during the 4th of July holiday and decided to buy tickets to Blizzard Beach. I was directed to Resort Partners' kiosk for guest services and I spoke to a gentleman named Vince. I asked Vince for two tickets to Blizzard Beach which I purchased and then asked him to verify if that park was open until midnight. At first, he said yes but once I asked for a brochure he noticed it did say open only until 9 PM. After discussion with my nephew, we asked Vince if there was another park that was open until midnight so we can watch fireworks. He advised us that Wet n Wild was open until midnight and they provided fireworks. Therefore, we exchanged our tickets to Blizzard Beach to Wet n Wild. Once we arrived at Wet n Wild, we were notified that they were only open until 9 PM and that they did not do fireworks. Since my nephew and I were already there we decided to go and enjoy the park then go find fireworks else where. Wet n Wild is closing for a reason! It was filthy and people were very rude. My nephew and I only stayed for an hour before leaving disgusted that we that gave up perfectly good Blizzard Beach tickets to this horrible, disgusting water park. The next morning I approached Vince and told him of the circumstance and all he said was "I am sorry to hear that". I told the front desk person at La Quinta that he was a liar and a cheat!

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