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  • – By tina08

    Bright Futures Early Learning Enrichment Center,llc

    Was the worst experience as a mother and employee. Cornetta's husband was in a classroom with two children, a one year old and an 10 year old and FELL ASLEEP with them under his care! Cornetta herself would leave her classroom unattended for 5 or so minutes come back to my classroom and chat it up. Also the daycare center is completely run down. you can also be sure to find roaches dead and alive almost everyday laying and crawling around/on the toys and play centers. Also, if your thinking about applying for employment from Cornetta DON'T!! Among being very unprofessional I had to contact The U.S. Department of Labor and Wages because she refused to pay me. When contacting them to my surprise they knew exactly who she was. I was informed that this was not the first time that they had been contacted for the same problem. So with that being said I highly urge you to take your children elsewhere for child care.

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  • – By weberquinn3025

    D & E Property Solutions, L.l.c.

    D@E property Solutions is run by a Slum lord and CROOK!! Eddie Escobar: Mgr We rent from them and before we moved in or even signed a lease we asked if there were any issues we need to know about the house, Eddie said no issues I am fixing them, what a #@%&*%# Liar. the place has mold in several rooms, the place is infested with cockroaches, the septic tank is no good and is over flowing in my yard, the electrical is in bad shape (A/C & HEATING Unit), Kitchen stove outlet is also sorting out, the roof leaks, which is causing the mold issue. He want us to pay his property taxes, he charges us $65.00 if we are one day late on rent and that is if the due date falls on a weekend. I have four kids with special needs and one of them is that my son has repertoire issues and has asthma so the mold causes breathing issues for him. DO NOT TRUST OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF.

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