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  • – By unhappypatient

    East Atlanta Endodontics & Microsurgery, P.c.

    Terrible! The dentist was in there performing a root canal on me while laughing and yucking it up with the other workers. He literally stopped drilling several times due to laughter. I have never in my life, been so horrified. And, it's several days later and my tooth is still hurting. I have zero confidence that he did a good job. I'm really, really upset, and I wish I had gone to another dentist.

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  • – By JessicaSkaggs

    Spasalon.us Llc

    I absolutely love my table. I agree with a lot of comments the boxes came a bit beat up but, the product was not damaged nor was there any missing pieces. I was able to put it together in a about 1 hours and had a friend tighten the screws. Again I must say I love this table..

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