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  • – By ppiper

    Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center Llc

    Holy cr*p my car looks fantastic! By far the most thorough cleaning it's seen in its 11-year lifespan. I've had less-than-perfect experiences at other establishments, including one that painted over dirt, rather than removing it, but no such shenanigans at Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center. I conveniently dropped off the car before work and picked it up after. Fantastic service, thanks, guys!

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  • – By TrulyMad

    Zeus Movers Inc

    (1) MOVERS DID NOT SHOW UP ON THE DAY OF MY LONG-DISTANCE MOVE! (2) Did not call to inform us until we called first (3) Waited 7 hours and numerous phone calls back and forth (4) At the end, we were promised the deposit of $525 back which was paid 15-17 days in advance to reserve the truck (5) Did NOT RETURN my deposit as promised BE AWARE, People! Douglas E. Branxton - the own of the Zeus Movers is a fraud and will take an advantage of your situation. ------------ Long story: Zeus movers are extremely UNPROFESSIONAL, liars, cheaters and scammers! Douglas who is the guy in charge seems nice at nice but DOES NOT know how to run his business. He is very unprofessional, doesn't return calls or emails on time at all. I needed help with full-service move for a long distance service and Zeus movers seem like a good choice at time. Douglas promised to provide the top quality moving service if I paid 50% deposit ahead of time. I paid close to $550 to reserve the truck and movers the the long distance move from Atlanta to South Carolina. I had made payment and reservation 15 days in advance and was given as assurance that the reservation was confirmed. When I checked in with him Friday one week before the move, he said that the plan is still and the movers will be at the location at 10:00 am as discussed and that they do not check in periodically to notify the customers but assured that they will give me a call a day before the move. [Note: Oh btw It took him numerous revisions going back and forth several times via emails just to get the details of the relocation, time etc. correctly on the paper = that should've been my clue!!] I did not receive any call on Friday and when I called a few times, no one picked up. The next morning, no one called or showed up. Next morning, I called again several times band emailed he did not pick up. Around 10:10 am someone from him company, called and pretended that she didn't get any of my calls and was calling to notify that there was some issue with the truck and they are repairing it at the moment. She told me that they will either try to repair the truck which was supposedly always on the way or will try to get a truck through their commercial account. I demanded to speak to Douglas who I've been dealing with, but he had his phone number forwarded to this representative's phone and was totally MIA. Throughout the day we went back and forth over the phone - when I asked firmly if they even had movers and truck and if they aren't gonna show up, then better tell me so I can make arrangements. She just kept saying how they are working on it, and she is at the truck center to pick up the truck etc. Basically around 4pm that day she called to say they won't be able to make it- as if I hadn't figure it out by then. I had already started looking for other options but I was in such a horrible condition because it was Saturday - all the other companies were booked already and it was too hard to find some one on a very short notice for a long distance move. I could stay longer in the apartment because I had already promised to surrender the keys by the end of the weekend. Douglas never called or emailed to apologize for their lack of professionalism. He was given ample time to avoid this situation but he did not. When I emailed and called to ask for my deposit ($525) back the following Monday, he said it would take -5-7 days to return it. I was very patient and calm in my emails for my deposit which he never returned! Zeus Movers is the worst and should not be allowed to run a business. Never again!!!

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