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  • – By Bigbonnie

    Regency Financial Services Llc

    I was in a financial crisis and was facing repossession of my vehicle and I was searching for help trying to find a remodification to save my vehicle. I found carpaymenthelp.com and emailed the company, I was immediately called by a man names Ivy Levy. He gave me his whole sales pitch and expressed a good deal of sympathy to my situation. He told me i needed to act fast because he could see in his database that my car was up for repossession and they were tracking it at this time to repo it at any moment. He convinced me that I needed to turn off the gps on my cell phone and leave it off until he could act fast to stop the repossession. Boy, what a con this guy is! He then also promised me he could remove the two payments that i was behind on and offer me a loan modification at a lower interest rate lowering my payments by $100 monthly. He said first step is to pay the fee of $500 which was the cost of the remodification. He told me i needed to make a deposit in an account at Bank of America acct #898060264218. In the form of cash only he could not accept debit or credit card. Then he had me call him back after depositing the money into the account with the receipt transaction number. He said once verified the funds were there he would then email me the paperwork to sign and get the process rolling. After several hours he then emailed me the paperwork, there where 11 pages. I faxed them back to the jerk. He called me back later that day and said he needed me to call GMAC and authorize them to release all information giving the following three people access to my information. Ivy Levy, Stacey Brown and Sandy Lewis. He then called back and said I needed to call them again and authorize them to have full access to all my information not just my payoff amount. So I did so. He then called GMAC and was asking them questions about my personal information. Non which was pertaining to my payoff amount and this threw up a red flag with GMAC and they refused the information he was requesting. He then started using profanity towards them and they ended the call and they called me to tell me they looked up his company after the phone call only to find that this was a scam company and I was mislead. At that point I continued making several calls to Ivan to only no avail. He is now vanished and will not return my call or my money. My vehicle has now been repossed and I am out of the money that was paid to save it. this is a scam people...BEWARE Sincerely, Bonnie Byers

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  • – By sibel06

    Pool Menu, Inc.

    What's on the menu today any specials!!!!

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