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  • – By nbell

    Lifequest Acworth Llc

    If you have ANY RESERVATIONS ABOUT THIS GYM Take my advise do not go there. I received terrible treatment from this facility and had to pursue legal charges against one of the employees or person who operates the Energy Clinic. If I had to rate it on a range of 1 to 10 it would be a negative 1.

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  • – By AAScompany

    Advantage Auto Sales Inc

    We tried to contact this customer by phone and call was not returned. We called again and customer escalated immediately and hung up on us. How can we work with customer when they won't even talk with us? In 20 years we have never had a customer put so much effort into insulting, threatening and complaining about our business rather than work with us. Their vehicle does not qualify under law as we never had the opportunity to try a repair for 3 times under warranty. Vehicle out of warranty to begin with, we have no knowledge of how it was driven in all the snow this past winter, it's as though they are hiding vehicle from us. As of this date we still have not seen the vehicle.

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