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  • – By fagnant

    The Center For Orthopaedics Inc

    One of the worst place my wife and I ever went to, The Center for Orthopaedics! They were OK when my wife went there when they were affiliated with a hospital but later, we had to go there again and this time they were not affiliated with Memorial Hospital or any hospital for that matter. Why does this matter? Those hospitals no longer refer patients to that place, as I found out. We do a lot of business with hospitals and clinics. Not only did I get a bill very cryptic and made no sense but they originally charged $250 just to enter you in their computer system. Of course Blue Cross & Blue Shield would not pay for that! If you don't want charges that go over what your insurance offers, call your insurance company. They do not do that for you. Trouble is, while their people are chatting all the time, they will lie straight face to you! The Center for Orthopaedics people that work there are told to just lie to you. Otherwise, I would have gone somewhere else that does take Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Besides that, I should have charged them for $250 for the one hour wait. You are treated like just so much fodder over there. Don't go to The Center for Orthopaedics. They do not care! We actually got the $250 bill reduced to $171 and said that I would not be charged for the follow up. The place is crooked. They want your money, nothing more. Make sure they are in your Network. Otherwise, they will just charge you. Want more, my finger got better but I was warned it would not. They just want your money, one way or the other.

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  • – By ksnowkat

    Topp Telecom Inc

    I have lost 8 hours of my life dealing with TracFone. On 06/27/2015 I purchased a refurbished android phone from TracFone. I asked at the time of purchase to a manager mind you if my minutes which were many could be transferred to my new phone. I was informed they would be. I also asked should the new phone not work can you reactivate my old phone and place the minutes I had along with the new minutes I purchased while on the phone 07/01/2015 for 2 hours back on my old phone. I was informed again by the employee of this company I could and I asked for a manager to verify this. Indeed so I could. I found that the new phone is defective and needs to be returned , I lost all my minuets old and new and to top it off I will need to go to the store and purchase a new phone and air time card and lost my telephone number. I have been a customer of TracFone for years. I do not use my phone often only when traveling. People should not be placed on hold for hours and this should have never happened. I was lied to from the start. It is not about the money it is the principal. If what I have just gone through is your idea of good customer service then you better take a look at what the general public is forced to go through with dealing with you. I am please to find there is a new company selling the same type of services which I will switch to after I find out I am not going to deal with low paid, unable to speak or understand proper English people from India and Belize. As a consumer I was screwed.

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