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  • – By formertenant

    Chang Properties, Inc.

    I rented from Chang, and I never received notice of where my deposit was being held. I did not know this was illegal until I moved. Then they held hundreds of my deposit without warrant. I am headed to small claims. It took me hounding them repeatedly to get things done. I was without a fridge for over a week at one point, without AC for over a week at one point, had sewage problems from about a week after tenancy (which lasted two years), and they kept avoiding it--resulting in raw sewage ruining my belongings and filling up a bathroom. Subsequently, the sewage sat for three days before they finally got there to fix it! I would NEVER rent from them again. I would be a transient before enlisting them as landlords again. Run. Fast.

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  • – By Suuzzy6

    Verdi Associates Group, Inc.

    Sorry to say not very professional. I decided to used a different accountant after using Mr. Verdi, and I wound up getting back more then he was able to get me. No good and not professional at all.

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